pe pp recycling line

PE PP Film Recycling Line
LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company is a professional manufacturer for design and production of waste Film washing recycling line&waste bottle washing recycling line, which is mainly used to recycle waste plastic PE PP waste bottles, PE PP waste films and PE PP woven bags, jumbo bags, Ton bags&Bulk bags.PE Film recycling line mainly includes belt conveyor, metal detector, single double shaft shredder, film crusher with water, floating tank, hot washer,high speed friction washer, special film squeezer or film densifier machine, centrifugal dewatering machine, drying system, storage silo, etc.
About Lianguan Reycling line
zhangjiagang Lianguan Recycling Science & Technology Co.,Ltd located in the national civilized city---Zhangjiagang, it’s near the golden waterway of Yangtze River,
only 2 hours from Shanghai deepwater port and Pudong airport by car. It covers an area of 60000 square meters, with one machinery workshop and one product workshop.
It’s a modernized manufacturing enterprise with machinery, product and technology together. Lianguan Recycling held the mission “turn waste into treasure, and make it industrialization”, vigorously develop circular economy,
it refers to the washing, recycling, pelletizing and after using technology of various waste material.
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pe pp washing line
pe pp recycling line
pe film recycling line
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waste film washing line
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PP PE recycling line
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PP PE recycling line
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PP PE washing line
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